Why Need A second Passport?

Stay connected with your one-stop shop for all of your citizenship needs. The legal provision of second citizenship means that not only are you opening doors offshore- pathways previously unavailable to American citizens – but also taking advantage of the many opportunities this affords you here at home.

We can help you choose the right citizenship for your goals. Whether it’s offshore business, escape from business/personal troubles, or simply updated investment strategies, our comprehensive guide clearly outlines what’s possible when you have more than one passport.

Whether you want to flee the would-be clutches of your government, fly below the radar, or just start over in a place where you feel right at home, we can help. We’ll give you the tools and expertise you need to get a second citizenship and passport from one of these countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Guyana, Grenada, Ireland, Dominica.

Based on necessities from those unable to utilize financial relief from their country, as well as those American citizens wanting to save the hassle of the EB5 visa process. We offer a simple secondary citizenship strategy that can be summarized as how you can obtain your second passport and passport protection.

why do we need a second passport dual citizenship document

Get a New Identity Document With Us?

Korba believes that a second passport opens doors offshore otherwise closed to Americans. With an international work or business address and a second passport as your key, you too can enjoy the advantages of living and operating internationally including lower taxes and increased asset protection.

Even those who don’t want a new document need to know about living and working abroad. There are many tax, law and retirement strategies that can be achieved by living outside of America. Where best depends on where you live now and where you want to live in the future.

It’s fulfilling your desires to explore the world and immerse yourself in a different culture while enjoying a less onerous tax situation. We at Korba Technologies stand by our beliefs that Americans deserve not just one but multiple opportunities for personal growth.

100% Legal Second Citizenship Opportunities

For Americans, passport ownership provides the opportunity to tap into second citizenship opportunities and other offshore benefits not otherwise available. Moreover, it can be your key to reduced taxes and increased asset protection. There is no shortage of controversy surrounding the issue of new passports. Yet despite any negative press, it’s always vital for people to make sure they are doing what fits them best financially with their future in mind. That means looking at all possible options for themselves and their family members.